• Will Meerkat be the next Twitter–or the next Ello–for marketers?
    [March 12, 2015] The last week, my Meerkat notifications have been BLOWING UP! Of course, that’s on me. I could turn those off anytime I want. But, I chose to turn them on initially to see how mad the rush was to the new platform. And boy, has it been a mad rush.
  • Focus On StumbleUpon Referrals, Increase Site Traffic
    [February 10, 2015] Shareaholic has a new report out looking at social media traffic referrals from eight social networks in the last quarter. Out of those eight, only two – Facebook and StumbleUpon – showed growth over the prior quarter in terms of driving referrals to websites. This is good news for publishers looking for StumbleUpon traffic, as […]
  • New Data Shows Increasing Brand Engagement on Twitter
    [January 15, 2015] Consumers are increasingly engaging with brands from their mobile devices as opposed to their desktop computers. Specifically, they’re increasingly doing so with the Twitter iOS and Android apps. While the web browser continues beat Android in this area, Android is rapidly growing while the browser is on the decline.
  • Social Tip – Mastering your Twitter Analytics
    [November 20, 2014] You Tweet But Are You Aware of your Twitter Analytics? Here’s How — Ok you tweet, but do you have any idea how well your tweeting is doing? Indeed using twitter is subjective and it really is tough to say to anyone that they are doing it right or wrong. However, there are analytics and […]
  • CommandIQ Gives Marketers Flexible Database and Messaging Options
    [October 16, 2014] The market for Customer Data Platforms is still young, which means that products have yet to converge on a standard set of features. The only thing that’s certain is a CDP will create a multi-source database of customer information. Among the still-optional features are identity association (stitching together individual identifiers from different sources), predictive modeling, […]
  • Social Media Referral Shares Divided Amongst Various Networks
    [September 18, 2014] We recently looked at data from Shareaholic, which showed social media referral share by social network across Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, reddit, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn
  • Scaling visual messaging and the attraction for marketers
    [August 25, 2014] The rise of mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp – used by at least 500,000,000 people a month around the world who share 700 million photos and 100 million videos every single day– is one growing facet of a multi-dimensioned object that I call “the visual social web.”
  • Internet Trends, Pinterest and Facebook Business Pages | #SYSK
    [July 31, 2014] 2014 Internet trends will get you thinking, plus a major opportunity for (some) brands on Pinterest, in this week’s Social You Should Know Only 27% of Pinterest Users Follow Any Brands New research from our friends at Ahalogy found that just 27% of active Pinterest users report following even a single brand. But given the […]
  • 5 Ways to Beat the Facebook News Feed Update
    [July 10, 2014] With over a billion users and millions of brand pages there is a glut of content on Facebook. You might have noticed it in your personal News Feed. I certainly have. “Every time someone visits their news feed there are, on average, 1500 potential stories from friends, people they follow and pages they’ve liked for […]
  • Businesses To Receive Social Media Education From HootSuite
    [June 13, 2014] Hootsuite has launched a new Custom Education program aimed at helping enterprise businesses address what it refers to as the “growing skills gap,” and accelerate their social media success.
  • Pinterest Opening Up API Access To Various Marketing Companies
    [May 22, 2014] Pinterest announced that it is working with a small group of marketing technology companies to offer Pinterest business insights. These include Salesforce (Exact Target Marketing Cloud), Hootsuite, Spredfast, Percolate, Piqora, Curalate, and Tailwind. These companies are getting automated access to public data through Pinterest’s Business Insights API. “Many businesses use Pinterest to learn about their […]
  • Real Time Notifications Announced For Twitter
    [April 24, 2014] Twitter announced that it’s adding new real-time notifications to Twitter.com, so that you can more easily interact with those engaging with your tweets. Logged in users will get notifications when someone has replied, favorited, or retweeted one of their tweets. You can also choose to get them for direct messages and new followers. “They’re fully […]
  • Facebook Brand Pages Are Going To Significant Drops In Organic Post Reach
    [March 27, 2014] Facebook is showing Pages’ organic posts to fewer and fewer people as time goes on. Have you noticed a dramatic drop in the visibility of your own posts? Let us know in the comments. As you may know, in December, the company pushed out an algorithm change to its News Feed, which severely impacted the […]
  • New WhatsApp Share Button Sends Traffic To Publishers
    [February 27, 2014] WhatsApp, which is being acquired by Facebook for $19 billion, has a share button for publishers that has the potential to drive traffic to websites.
  • New Card Analytics Dashboard Launched For Twitter
    [February 6, 2014] Twitter announced the launch of a new analytics offering for Twitter Cards, aimed at helping publishers, marketers and developers understand how certain types of cards they’re using are performing.
  • Consider Social Customer Service to Establish Social Media ROI
    [January 16, 2014] “Create smiles… they are the currency of conversations.” #RonR – Ted Rubin When I tweet a brand, like a growing number of consumers, I expect them to respond, especially if I have a question or a problem. For many, Twitter has become the customer service contact of choice. Even when I don’t have an inquiry, […]
  • LinkedIn Releases Top 2013 Buzzwords
    [December 18, 2013] As the largest social network for career networking, LinkedIn has access to a great wealth of data about how professionals want to be perceived. Though the word “creative” has consistently popped up on the site’s yearly top 10 overused buzzwords list, the terms LinkedIn members use to describe themselves seem anything but.
  • How to Increase Your Twitter Engagement
    [November 25, 2013] Twitter is all about engaging your followers. It’s about building relationships.
  • Smoothies, Whiskey And The Art of Secondary Marketing
    [October 30, 2013] Sometimes you can’t fix a bad website.
  • How LinkedIn, YouTube & Others Could Finally Cure Stupidity Online
    [October 3, 2013] The greatest collection of human stupidity ever amassed sits on the Internet … and you probably encounter it every day.
  • New Facebook Page Terms Drastically Change Promotions
    [September 5, 2013] Facebook just dropped a bomb on the social media marketing world. In a completely unexpected move, the social network made all social media marketers and small business owners jump for joy by making it much easier to run promotions on Facebook. How? Read on.
  • Facebook to Start Explaining News Feed to Marketers | Social You Should Know
    [August 15, 2013] Facebook has promised to explain News Feed to marketers, but I think it’s actually the beginning of an important shift in Facebook’s approach to surfacing content. Plus Instagram allows video importing and new data on how brands annoy on social media in this week’s Social You Should Know.
  • 3 Strategic Ways To Use Hashtags For Marketing
    [July 25, 2013] In 2009 a candy brand launched a campaign that would scare marketers off from using Twitter for years.
  • What Facebook hashtags will mean for marketers (eventually)
    [July 2, 2013] The short answer: Nothing. Yet. That’s because the darn things aren’t even rolling out to all users for a while (see Facebook’s formal announcement last week).
  • How Brands Can Leverage Instagram Hashtags
    [June 13, 2013] The Instagram hashtag has become crucial for brands and businesses to gain a greater reach on their photos. Choosing the correct hashtags is the equivalent of choosing SEO keywords for a blog or tags on a YouTube video, and at the end of the day, using the correct hashtag could be the difference between your […]